With 30 years of dedicated experience in the art of automotive detailing, Dan has honed his skills to perfection. His passion for cars and commitment to excellence ensures that every vehicle he touches receives the highest standard of care and attention.

Our Services

Take a look over the full list of detailing services we offer - contact us today to find out more or get booked in. 

Full Paint Correction

Restore your vehicle's paint to its original brilliance with our comprehensive paint correction services.

Anti-Swirl Treatment

Eliminate unsightly swirl marks and protect your paintwork for a flawless finish.

High-End Interior Valeting

Experience luxury with our meticulous interior cleaning, including leather and upholstery protection.

Ceramic Coating

Shield your vehicle with our advanced ceramic coating, offering a 5-year guarantee for lasting protection.

Machine Polishing

Enhance your vehicle's appearance with our expert machine polishing services, delivering a deep, glossy finish.

Wheel Protection

Protect your wheels from brake dust and road grime with our specialized treatments.

Cabriolet Roof Protection

Preserve the beauty and functionality of your convertible's roof with our protective solutions.

Window Coating

Improve visibility and protect your windows from the elements with our high-quality window coatings.

Gloss A and B Pillar Restoration

Restore the shine and clarity of your vehicle's A and B pillars for a pristine look.

Headlight Restoration

Enhance night time visibility and the appearance of your vehicle with our headlight restoration services.

Chassis Cleaning

Keep your vehicle's undercarriage in top condition with our thorough chassis cleaning services.

Engine Bay Detailing

Ensure your engine bay is as clean and well-maintained as the exterior with our comprehensive detailing.

Concourse Preparation

Prepare your vehicle for shows and competitions with our detailed concourse preparation services.

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